Save $100,000 on The Purchase of Your New Home!

Home Purchase Savings Guarantee

In this  market it easy to overpay for the home of your dreams. DO NOT FALL IN TO THIS TRAP!! Our systematic approach to assiting you find the right home at the right price, ensures that you will never overpay. WE GUARANTEE IT!!

Fact: Realtors only get paid when the home sells. The faster it sells the quicker they get paid.
Fact: Realtors may not show you all suitable listings as they need a quick sale.
Fact: You do not know if the price you are paying is a good deal even if your Realtor says so.

#1. Hire a Realtor who will provide a written PRICE Guarantee
#2. Hire a Realtor who will send you ALL the listings that suits your needs.

This will ensure you hire a Realtor who will work in your best interests. This is why I provide this Guarantee. It ensures I will get you the best deal, saving you at least  $100,000 off the asking price, if I do not, will I pay you $5000 at closing.. You see I have a vested interest to get you the best deal on the home of your dreams. Stop wasting time with Realtors who do not put you first. Ask them how they will guarantee that you do not pay too much for your home.

To get a complete list of luxury homes priced from $1,300,000 and up., covered by MY PRICE GUARANTEE.
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